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Board of Directors

The CenterLight Health System board of directors comprises executive professionals who are committed to ensuring that CenterLight Health System is able to provide the highest quality of healthcare to the diverse populations in the communities we serve.


Chairman: Michael R. Potack
Vice-Chair: Jarlath Johnston
Secretary: Edwin H. Stern, III
Treasurer: Myron Schlanger

Board Members:

Rick T. Babich
Thomas R. Berkel
Henry S. Conston, Esq.
Dolores Fernandez, Ph.D.
Justin E. Ginsberg
Neil Heyman
Harvey J. Ishofsky
Jarlath Johnston
Steven Kantor, DDS
William Liss-Levinson, Ph.D.
Rosemarie A. Loffredo
Michael R. Potack
Steven D. Prager
Edwin H. Stern, III
Myron Schlanger
Mark Weinstein
Kenneth R. Weisshaar

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