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Member Gets New Lease on Life at CenterLight Healthcare

When Laura Mendez first started attending CenterLight Healthcare’s Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), she was depressed, had very bad lower back pain and could hardly walk. But after going to CenterLight Healthcare PACE for a few years, she can’t say enough wonderful things about the program and staff.

“At CenterLight Healthcare PACE’s day center, I am able to learn how to do so many new things like latch hook work and painting. And I can join in on the great trips to restaurants, parks and shopping.”

Her improvements were a result of weekly physical therapy sessions, acupuncture treatments and participation in exercise classes. Now, she doesn’t feel depressed, can walk better and feels like a new person.

“I’m so happy here because it’s like being with a loving family. And as a bonus we get great healthcare and the staff helps me manage my life.”