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With a Song in Her Heart Resident Remains Active

Wanda Johnson is a force of nature. Not bashful about her age, she will happily advise people that she is “94 years young,” and despite the hip replacement surgery that brought her to Schnurmacher, Wanda has something to sing about.

“After working at MGM Records, an insurance company and in New York’s garment industry, I’m sure not ready to sit back and watch the world go by,” she states plainly, adding for emphasis, "Not me.”

At Schnurmacher, Wanda finds it easy to indulge her avowed passion for music.

“I love to sing, and there’s a program or entertainment every day that gives me that opportunity. I also love sitting around the piano and singing with others, as one of the staff plays…"

At other times Wanda’s vocals are accompanied by one or another Schnurmacher staffer strumming a guitar.

“One of my favorite songs is Autumn Leaves,” says Wanda. “Most people around here know that.”