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Our Experts

Medicine & Geriatrics

Heather Grant MD, FACP, WCC, CWS

Heather Grant MD, FACP, WCC, CWSAttending Physician, CenterLight Healthcare

Dr. Heather Grant is a medical doctor trained in the area of internal medicine and specializing in the field of geriatric medicine. Prior to medical school, Dr. Grant attended pharmacy school and practiced as a consultant pharmacist for long-term care facilities. Dr. Grant has additional training in wound care management. She is available for interviews on all health topics affecting seniors,including dementia, arthritis, depression and physical fitness.

Clinical Services

Randy Palmaira, PT, MS, MSA

Randy Palmaira, PT, MS, MSAExecutive Director, Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (CNR)

Randy Palmaira has strong expertise in rehabilitation, particularly physical therapy. He pioneered the use of virtual rehabilitation in our Brooklyn skilled nursing facility. Virtual rehabilitation, a complement to traditional rehabilitation, allows the patient to see themselves on a screen in a virtual environment, where they perform activities designed to improve their balance and range of motion. The patient's performance data is recorded in real time, and progress can be tracked easily. Palmaira also started an innovative program at our Brooklyn and Bronx facilities combining music therapy with rehabilitation to assist in recovery efforts for patients with physical and neurological trauma resulting from stroke, Parkinson's Disease and other conditions. Palmaira is available to talk about traditional methods of rehabilitation, virtual rehabilitation, and the benefits of combining music and rehabilitation.

Industry Leaders

Paul Rosenfeld

Paul RosenfeldExecutive Vice President, Long-Term Care

Seasoned health care executive, Paul Rosenfeld, has solid experience in strategic planning and business growth in the health care sector. He is a current trustee of the New York Association of Homes and Services for the Aged (NYAHSA) and a member of the Continuing Care Leadership Coalition (CCLC) Board of Directors. Rosenfeld is available to talk about continuing health care for adults, the current state of the health care industry and health care business operations.

Music Therapy

Concetta M. Tomaino, DA, MT-BC, LCAT

Concetta M. Tomaino, DA, MT-BC, LCATExecutive Director and Co-Founder, IMNF; Senior Vice President for Music Therapy, CenterLight Health System

Internationally known for her research in the clinical applications of music and neurologic rehabilitation, Concetta Tomaino's work is focused on finding the most efficacious uses of music-brain treatments that can potentially benefit those living with the effects of dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, stroke or trauma. Dr. Tomaino is past president of the American Association for Music Therapy and received the Award of Accomplishment from Music Therapists for Peace at the United Nations. She is available for interviews on music therapy, how music affects the brain and the impact of music on people with neurological dysfunctions.

Marlon Sobol, MT-BC

Marlon Sobol, MT-BCManager, IMNF at Schnurmacher

A licensed music therapist, Marlon Sobol works to improve the overall health and well-being of people suffering from neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, Parkinson's disease or the effects of stroke or trauma. Music therapy, the systematic use of music within a developing relationship between patient and therapist, can be used to restore, maintain and improve physical, emotional, psychosocial and neurological function. Sobol was instrumental in the creation of a therapeutic drumming DVD titled "Rhythmic Activities for Everyday Care" that can be used by professionals in long-term care to help individuals reduce stress, increase energy and enhance focus and clarity. Sobol is available to talk about music therapy and therapeutic drumming.