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CHHA Complaint Procedure

All patients have the right to voice grievances and/or recommend changes in policies to Agency staff, the New York Department of Health or any other outside representative of the patient’s choice. The expression of such complaints by the patient or his/her designee shall be free from restraint,  interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal.


To register a complaint with Agency staff:

1. Complaints may be oral or written, although if the problem is serious, a written complaint is preferable to ensure a mutual understanding of the allegations.

2. Complaints may be given to the professional caregiver providing service or directly to the Director of Patient Services by calling 718-239-1850. The results of our investigation and decisions made to date will be provided within 15 days.

3. Patients may appeal decisions made by submitting a request in writing to the Administrator. The Administrator in conjunction with the Home Health Professional Advisory Committee will review the appeal and respond in writing within 30 days.

4. It is hoped that all problems can be resolved between the patient and the Agency. However, all patients have the right to address complaints to the New York State Department of Health Metropolitan Regional office at 1-212-417-5888 or the New York Home Health Agency Hotline at 1-800-628-5972.