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Parkchester Enhancement Program (PEP) for Seniors

The Parkchester Enhancement Program (PEP) for Seniors is designed to assist individuals, age 60 and older, who live in the Parkchester area of the Bronx, NY, and to enhance their health, quality of life, well-being and independence. A wide variety of activities and services, such as health-related, educational, recreational and social work, are offered to the community, with something for everyone. Newly retired residents may look to PEP for recreational or volunteer opportunities, while frail homebound older adults might utilize PEP for in-home services.

The goal of PEP for Seniors is to: 

  • Enhance the quality of life and independence of our diverse community of residents

  • Enhance, extend and coordinate services available to seniors living in Parkchester so that they can successfully age in place

  • Empower seniors to develop and implement programs that will benefit them

  • Work collaboratively with the Parkchester community, Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) partners and funding agencies to coordinate quality programs and services.

PEP is a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) that allows Parkchester seniors to remain living in the community by providing the services they need to remain independent such as:

Social Services

  • Case Management and Case Assistance - Individual assessments are conducted, including psychosocial, financial, and home safety evaluations.

  • Advocacy - Helping seniors access services and benefits

  • Information & Referrals – Help people connect with appropriate community service providers (including homecare referrals)

  • In-Home Assessments and Home Visits – Provide individual assessments and continuing support

  • Benefit & Entitlement Counseling - Assist with filling out application forms for government benefits or entitlement programs on behalf of individual clients

Health Related Services

  • Health Screenings – Including blood pressure and nutrition assessments and monitoring

  • Education – Ongoing education for both individuals and groups about a variety of health issues

  • Wellness Programs – Such as health promotion activities and coordination of community resources

  • Coordination of Client Care - Collaborate with other health care providers (including hospital discharge planners)

  • In-Home Assessments and Home Visits

  • Medication Management – Assist with daily medications and monitoring. Provides counseling and medication review.

  • Weight Loss Support Group – Offers nutrition and health information along with exercise plan.

Educational / Recreational Activities

PEP provides ongoing group education on a variety of important topics concerning older adults such as:

  • Changes in government benefits and entitlements

  • Economic issues

  • Elder abuse awareness

  • Elder law

  • Medicare changes

Our recreational activities are as varied and diverse as the people who participate in them and include:

  • Art Classes

  • Salsa Lessons

  • Belly Dancing

  • Creative Writing

  • Book Club

  • Women’s Circle

  • Knitting Circle

  • Group Trips

  • Chess Lessons

  • Computer Instruction

  • Movies

  • Community Gardening

For more information on PEP's programs and services, please call 718-409 -1619.

PEP for Seniors
1525 Unionport Road Apt. #ME
Bronx, NY 10462
Phone: 718-409-1619
Fax: 718-409-1038


The Parkchester Enhancement Program (PEP) for Seniors is a cooperative effort led by CenterLight Health System along with the Parkchester Preservation Company, Parkchester Preservation Management, Bronx Jewish Community Council and the Jewish Association for Services for the Aged. Funding is provided by the New York City Department for the Aging.